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Koyote Koffee

Meet The Client

Welcome to Koyote Koffee, where the mother daughter duo, April and Kelsey Wenzel, have turned their dream of owning a coffee shop into a reality. Their vision goes beyond simply serving coffee; they strive to create a comfortable and friendly space where the community can gather and connect. Located on the west side of Rapid City, SD, Koyote Koffee is the go-to spot for students and adults alike. 

Koyote Koffee is not just your average coffee shop. April and Kelsey’s passion for the coffee industry shines through in every cup they serve. Their mission is to provide an inviting atmosphere that satisfies your caffeine and snack cravings. Step inside and you’ll be met with a smile, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and an ambiance that keeps you around. 

The Problem

When Koyote Koffee launched, they knew they had their hands full with the duties of a new business. With their focus on providing exceptional in-store experience, they recognized the importance of representing themselves effectively online and engaging with their target audience on social media. However, they faced the challenge of finding time and skills to manage a social media presence. 

The Solution

Kanan Digital Marketing assisted Koyote Koffee with a strategic and collaborative approach to solving their problem. Kanan Digital Marketing worked to develop a tailored social media strategy that aligned with their brand’s unique identity and objectives. 

We took the reins of Koyote Koffee SD’s social media accounts, skillfully curating engaging content that resonates with the target audience. We crafted a diverse mix of visually appealing posts, captivating captions, and relevant hashtags, capturing the essence of Koyote Koffee. 

The Results

With the assistance of Kanan Digital Marketing, Koyote Koffee’s social media following experienced exponential growth, surpassing expectations. Within six months, their social accounts saw a surge in followers, expanding their reach and visibility to coffee enthusiasts and community members. 

Engagement levels also soared to new heights. Through expertly quality content, strategic posting, and community engagement, we were able to see close to a 500% increase in engagement. 

With effective social media strategy and content, Koyote Koffee saw close to 5,000 valuable leads, expanding their customer base and maintaining social presence. This influx of leads easily translated into real results, over $150,000 in sales due to marketing efforts. Kanan Digital Marketing’s knowledge and skills resulted in a winning social media performance, propelling Koyote Koffee to greater success.