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Bus Bros Social Club

Meet The Client

Introducing the Bus Bros Social Club, where the VW lifestyle lives. The Bus Bros Social Club is an inclusive lifestyle movement for everyone who shares a love for VW buses! Their goal is to share their passions and spread the VW love throughout the world. 

In addition to being a VW club, the Bus Bros is a premier lifestyle brand. Through events, social media, and their clothing they hope to spread the love and beauty of VWs far and wide. With their new website, you can join the Bros on an exhilarating journey in the world of VWs. 

The Problem

The Bus Bros Social Club originally started as a small group of Southern California enthusiasts in 2016. After years of hanging out, camping, organizing cruises, and morphing into a brand, the Bus Bros knew they needed to take things to the next level. They recognized that the internet offers endless opportunities but they had no real online presence. They needed a place to advertise their brand, share events, and sell their products. However, none of the Bros had experience with starting or running a website. That’s where Kanan Digital Marketing stepped in. 

The Solution

After discovering Kanan Digital Marketing at a car show, the Bus Bros reached out to discover their options. The Bros quickly recognized our web design capabilities and wanted to get started ASAP. 

Understanding the many nuances of web design, we laid out all the options for the Bus Bros. After deciding on the look and feel of the site, we quickly got to work. We developed a stunningly beautiful website that captured the Bus Bros spirit. In addition to a beautiful site, we built a full e-commerce site with quality functionality, ensuring users can easily navigate and interact with the Bus Bros. 

In addition to building their new website, we also meticulously set up and proofed their website with technical SEO techniques. Handling meta titles, descriptions, keywords, and more to make sure their site was built with success in mind. 

The Results

The partnership between the Bus Bros and Kanan Digital Marketing has brought a beautiful website to life.! Our expertise in web design not only satisfied the Bus Bros Social Club but has wildly impressed their target audience and followers. 

The functionality, beauty, and quality of the website were immediately evident after its public launch. Many visitors were reaching out to the Bus Bros to compliment them on their new website. Additionally, the products being sold on the site were sold out within 2 weeks of the site being live. Through compliments and website interactions, we were able to measure the site’s initial success and recognize what needs to be updated. 

The successful assistance of Kanan Digital Marketing not only addressed the Bus Bros need for a website but also delivered a quality e-commerce platform. Ecstatic with the results, the Bus Bros achieved their goal of being found online but also expanded their reach, their ability to sell, and opened themselves to countless new opportunities as they continue their path towards sharing the VW love.